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Beaten silver discs necklace and earrings set

Tuesday, November 20th, 2007

beatensilverset.JPGIn my opinion you can’t go wrong this Christmas if you check out jewellery sets for all your female family members and friends! A great set will be a hit with any jewellery loving lady.

You do have to be careful with some sets though. Sometimes, especially if a bold design is used it may be a bit over powering to wear all items at once. The trick is too find a nice subtle set that can be worn come day or night and to any occasion.

This silver necklace and earrings set is perfect. For starters you can’t go wrong with just plain silver, once you start introducing colours and gemstones you might slip up. This design is also trendy and unique so is bound to go down well. Is a solid sterling silver set so you can guarantee excellent quality for your money.

Taking all this in to consideration you have to expect the price tag that comes attached – £133 from I think you would agree its worth it though for that extra special person.

Disney Couture

Friday, November 16th, 2007

tink necklaceI guarantee there’s not many of us girls out there who don’t adore Disney. Its definitely something you never grow too old for. I think it’s the magical characters and fantasy aspect of each movie that keeps me watching time and time again.

If like me you don’t just collect the DVD’s but you have stuffed toys and all sorts of other Disney memorabilia taking over any spare shelf space then you will love this jewellery range I have stumbled across when searching on – Disney Couture.

tink earringsThe best thing about this collection is that it focuses all around good old Tinkerbell – one of my all time favourite Disney characters. This Believe Tink necklace is £22, gold plated on a delicate chain and dangles with star chains and sparkles with diamanté and of course features a little Tink to add to the effect – perfect for all us girly girls!!

As part of this couture collection you can also find these Sitting Tink And Star large hoop earrings for £25. I think Tinkerbell looks great in these and is of course surrounded by her signatory stars! So if you have a Disney fan to buy for this Christmas, the couture collection would make the perfect pressie.

Stone Cluster Drop Earrings

Thursday, November 15th, 2007

stone clusterApparently this season is all about fabulous jewel colours with your rich shades of sapphire, emerald, pink and plum. These great colours are sure to make you stand out and the high street has catered very well indeed. You have jewel colours everywhere from make up to handbags and from jeans to hair accessories so there really is no excuse not to join in on the jewel trend.

As well as everything else being found in these fab colours, there are of course some very retro jewellery items to be found just like these stone cluster drop earrings from A mixture of both the pinky and purpley colours has been used for the gemstones along side small diamantés.

These earrings are designed in a flower shape and hang below the ear. They are quite a large earring, however make a very striking piece and will make all the difference to a simple black outfit and best of all they will only cost you £8.

Lulu Guiness Lip & Lipstick

Monday, November 12th, 2007

Lulu Guiness BraceletIt would appear that hip designer Lulu Guiness has taken up a new interest in make-up for the lips if their latest jewellery pieces are anything to go by!!

Lulu Guiness NecklaceThe bracelet was the first piece of the collection that I came across and I remember thinking how wacky and bold it was, and then when I found out that there was a necklace and earrings to match I was bowled over by the site of all that red lippy!!

They’re not particularly cheap items and I personally would not ever wear all 3 pieces together for fear of a public showdown, however one item alone could be quite striking.

Lulu Guiness EarringsThe earrings are small and studded and will cost £35. The chain is around 16″ in length and features both a lip and lipstick pendant. You will also find these signatory symbols on the bracelet, however the lipstick is used as the T bar clasp which is a great effect. Both the necklace and bracelet cost £75 and would make a great pressie for any lipstick lover so log on to HQ Hair and take a look for yourself.

Pink Pearls!

Thursday, November 8th, 2007

73_1.jpgI was watching a fantastic period drama over the weekend and the leading lady was wearing the most amazing pink pearl necklace. Ever since seeing it, I have been consumed by the task of finding myself some pink pearls. They are so romantic and you just don’t see them around often!

I have to have a necklace and a bracelet and some drop earing’s right now! I’ve discovered some really pretty pieces on Aye These earrings are just perfect and are only £14.99! I also love the matching bracelet. If pink is not your color, these fresh water pearls are available in a wide range of colours so you will find something to match any outfit!

Peace & Love

Thursday, November 1st, 2007

Peace and Love NecklacePhilippa Holland has created a lovely peace & love necklace and matching earrings duo. I think the idea behind the design is to represent how the concept of love and peace come as one and you cant have one without the other. I think you would all agree that its quite a deep meaning to portray through the use of jewellery but the idea works well for this set.

The necklace part of the duo is actually two chains that sit together so to create the one necklace. One chain is silver and one is gold. The earrings are to worn as a hoop design and are both gold.

So keep the peace and spread the love by logging back on to Brown Fashion and adding the earrings for £165 and the necklace for £245 to your virtual shopping basket.

Stripy Hearts

Monday, October 29th, 2007

Stripy Heart EarringsThis pair of earrings and this brooch make the cutest little combo and would make a really great gift idea for a girly friend who digs the retro look.

I wouldn’t initially think that the perfect combo would be a set of earrings and a brooch but I can see these these two pieces really working well together and with the right outfit will look fab. This dramatic and chunky heart shaped design is bold and has vibrant coloured strips that really seal the deal.

Stripy Heart BroochIf you get clicking at you will find these little delights in array of colours from pink and turquoise to a simple black and white, but for me my favourite colour combination had to be the lilac and purple.

If you don’t fancy having matching accessories or want one without the other then both these items can be purchased individually. The earrings are £12.99 and the brooch is just £10.99.

Dove & Leaf Earrings

Wednesday, October 10th, 2007

Dana Levy Dove & Leaf EarringsI was recently introduced to a website that specialises in designing and producing hand crafted bags and jewellery that are actually inspired by the sights and smells of the middle east.

When I took a look I was very impressed at the quality and originality of their products, the site really is filled with the loveliest of things, especially these Dove & Leaf earrings.

They are made from hand woven and richly textured materials that have been exclusively sourced from Jerusalem and the use of the dove and leaf are meant to symbolise an expression of the ancient and modern world coming together (not sure how though). They cost £30 and you can either choose a silver or gold dove and leaf and select from a variety of different coloured beads.

The Starlet Collection

Sunday, September 30th, 2007

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