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And now for some Completely Extravagent

Monday, September 8th, 2008

Ileana Makri Diamond Drop EarringsUnless you’re a hugely successful business tycoon or married to royalty, you’d have to be living in an alternate universe to consider spending over two thousand pounds on earrings, or any jewelery for that matter.

But it’s still nice to look, and these Ileana Makri White Diamond Drop Earrings are certainly pleasing to the eye, but devastating to the wallet. Retailing at £2,360, they’re the height of extravagance, but definitely the real deal, diamonds and all. The product description calls them ‘everyday’ earrings, but I’d imagine that’s ‘everyday’ wear for princesses, rather than ‘everyday’ at the office.

For such a high price you can guarantee that these earrings are well made, high quality and built to last, probably forever. And diamonds never go out of fashion.

View the earrings and other ridiculously priced jewelery over at Brown’s.

Nude Jewellery

Thursday, November 8th, 2007

Nude Mens RingNude Jewellery is a great Mayfair boutique that now has a fab on line store ready for the x-mas rush!!

They stock creations from over 40 designers and to name but a few have original pieces such as hand-hammered gold disc earrings and giant bits of quartz that have been carved into rings. They even have ivory snakeskin cuffs for the more adventurous out there.

They pride themselves on stocking handmade jewellery and like to find the time to seek out up and coming and hard to find designers from all around the world so the collection available is very vast. They can even create custom made jewellery for any budget.

Nude Diamond RingLike many girls out there I have the hard task of finding something affordable yet personal for my man this x-mas. When I checked out Nude Jewellery I was surprised to find this contemporary and stylish ring for just £40. It looks way more expensive that it actually is so if you’re lucky you might be able to save yourself a few bob!!

To give you a good idea about the different price ranges you can find at Nude, it would be rude not to highlight this stunning diamond ring that costs a whopping £2375. In the diamond section of the on line shop, some pieces do not have a price tag so I guess that’s for the lucky ones where money is no object – we can all dream!!

Active Crystals!

Saturday, October 27th, 2007

Heart Pendant USB KeyWho’d of thought it? Philips and Swarovski have collaborated to produce a new line of jewellery with a function called ‘Active Crystals’! This collection is so amazing and provides the perfect gift ideas for Christmas so take note!

Firstly this necklace isn’t just any old necklace; it can be split in two to reveal a 1GB USB key! Wow! How handy is that? This beautiful part silver part crystal heart pendant can hold 250 songs or 1,000 photos!

If the heart pendant isn’t really your thing perhaps you’d prefer this padlock style USB key, great for keeping on your key ring! They are both £105, decisions,decisions!

Padlock USB KeyAlso check these crystal earphones out, they’re just fab! Philips and Swarovski have produced 4 different earphones each with crystal embellishments ranging from £50 to £95! Perfect for jazzing up your ipod! This collection can be bought online from Swarovski.

Crstal Earphones

Swarovski Fashion Rocks!

Sunday, October 21st, 2007

Purple Rock ChokerSwarovski Fashion Rocks’ for the Princess Trust took place on the 18th October at the Royal Albert hall. With Uma Thurman and Samuel L Jackson presenting and the likes of Alicia Keys performing it was a glamorous evening and a real star studded event!

Now it is time to snap up all those beautiful rocks that are available online! Hoorah! The exclusively created collection, without surprise is simply stunning and is only available until December 31st, so just enough time to add it to your Christmas list!

My favourite piece from the collection has to be this beautiful ‘Purple Rock’ choker by Christopher Kane. I am in love with this choker, made out of light Amethyst and Amethyst crystal mesh it is every girls dream and for £620, it could be yours!

Diamond Braille Dotted Ring

Tuesday, June 26th, 2007

Braille RingI saw this ‘Touch Ring’ earlier today and thought what a lovely gift for a blind friend or family member. Each ring is specially designed so that the recipient can read the message easily by touching the lettering.

You can customise the gift with your own personal message spelt out in Diamond Braille dots. Your message could read I Love You or I Miss You or you could keep it simple by just writing their name or Mum/Dad. The only people that would know what it said would be those who can read Braille.

The ring can be made from sterling silver, gold, white gold or platinum. You can also choose the material of the lettering so it is completely original. Prices are not available on the website because every ring made is likely to be a one off but you can get a quote via email.

Visit the Stephen Einhorn website for further details about this truly unique product.

Blue Nile Coloured Diamond Range

Monday, June 4th, 2007

Blue Nile DiamondsI have just received information that Blue Nile has launched a fancy coloured diamond range. They are extremely unique and would make an ideal gift or collectors item if you’ve got a few thousand pounds to spare! The first image is a cluster of 90 rare coloured diamonds in green, orange, yellow, cognac and red, valued at $4.5 million (approx. £2.25 million). Blue Nile are selling them for between $2,250 and $650,000 – the 3.65 carat pink diamond being the most expensive.

The second image shows the diamonds in a rainbow pattern, from left to right – the .30 carat purple-pink pear shape, $5,310; .48 carat orange heart-shape, $4,268; .55 carat purplish-red, $350,000; 1.51 carat green diamond, $175,000; 2 carat vivid yellow, $37,076; 2.33 carat pink, $150,332; 2 carat brownish orange diamond, $9,581.

More information on the Blue Nile website.