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Emma Franklin Jewellery

Thursday, September 18th, 2008

Emma Franklin Shotgun ChainIf you’re looking for the newest, quirkiest, most cutting edge jewellery, then look no further than Emma Franklin Jewellery. Whilst the metal based, animal inspired pieces won’t be to everyone’s taste, she counts fashionista Alexa Chung amongst her fans.

Inspired by the country and countryside activities, her latest collection features pheasants, birds and stags amongst others, with a charm of the animals head mounted on a ring, badge,necklace or cuff links, and, in an interesting twist, is designed for both men and women to wear.

Most items are available in silver, gold or gun metal, and there’s also an option to have pieces made in solid gold for an increased price. All of her jewellery is made in her studio space in London, and her work has been featured in Vogue, Elle and Marie Claire.

This Small Shotgun Chain is one of Emma Franklin’s trademark pieces, and the darker metal looks great offset against the gold chain, and it’s unusual looking without being too outlandish. It costs £125, or £770 for solid gold.

Head over to Emma Franklin’s website to see her full collection and place an order.

Disney Couture

Thursday, August 21st, 2008

Disney Couture Magic Castle NecklaceYou’re never too old for Disney, and now ASOS have launched a great line of jewellery to prove it! Disney Couture is a range of necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings inspired by Disney characters and themes, exclusively for big kids.

The high end products are a firm celebrity favourite, being sported by Lindsay Lohan, Kate Bosworth and Nicole Richie, as well as being featured in Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar.

My favourite is this cute Magic Castle Necklace. This is the very embodiment of all things Disney without being too cheesy or having Mickey Mouse draped round your neck (although the infamous ears are available as Swarovski necklace pendant if you fancy it!).

At 27 inches, this is a fairly long necklace, so wear it with a plain top to make the colours stand out. It’s 14 Ct gold plated and costs £40, so definitely a grown up piece of jewellery worth taking care of!

The whole range is available from ASOS now.

Snake Jewellery

Sunday, January 27th, 2008

snakering.jpgIt appears that with the snake skin trend has come snake jewellery. The likes of Kimberly Stewart and Mary Kate Olsen are obviously loving the new accessories as they have recently been papped with snake jewels wrapped round arms and necks!!

I don’t think this is a trend that will be catching everyone’s eye but if you can pull it off it can make a good look. It is obviously quite a popular trend among the high street as well as I didn’t find it hard to track down some scaly pieces.

For the look on a budget I would recommend this Snake Ring available at Topshop. It’s just £4.00 and comes in both gold and silver. So not to look too scary I would stick to just the one snake piece at a time!!

Jade Jagger Kiss Necklace

Thursday, January 17th, 2008

jadejaggerkiss.jpgIs it just me or did anyone else not know the Jade Jagger was into jewellery design? Apparently the kiss is her trademark logo hence this necklace I guess.

It is a gold plated silver necklace with diamanté decorated kiss. It also features a JJ logo charm near the fastening t-bar. Even though I wasn’t aware this jewellery brand existed, I’m actually quite glad I have found it. I’m not sure why, but I really like this necklace. It’s different and a real statement piece.

It’s certainly not cheap though at a jaw dropping £300.00 – I don’t think I like it that much!!! If you can actually afford such delights or if like me you just like to a bit of window shopping then you can purchase the Jade Jagger Kiss necklace at Net-a-porter.

Helena Christensen – the new face of Pilgrim Jewellery

Tuesday, January 15th, 2008

pilgrim.JPGThe stunning Helena Christensen has become the new face of Pilgrim Jewellery. Not only that, she has also played a role designing some of the pieces herself.

Pilgrim Jewellery has become one of the worlds fastest growing international fashion jewellery. They have a unique style that attracts people throughout the world regardless of culture – including A-list celebs!! Their collection is huge and has the ability to provide jewellery to allow people to follow fashion without being a victim and gives the opportunity to enhance individual personality.

Take a look at the vast selection from watches to charms from mens pieces to sunglasses, all of which are made to the highest of quality at It would appear you cannot buy on line however they have a store finder application and you can find stockists in most major cities.

Anna Lou Initial Necklace

Wednesday, October 31st, 2007

Initial NecklaceJust in case a friend, loved one or even you happen to forget your initial, you can always rely on a necklace to help you out! Initial jewellery always seems to be quite popular among designers, although I think its quite hard to find an original piece.

However, Anna Lou of London seems to have a retro and contemporary feel to their initial collection and it works really well at a surprisingly reasonable cost!

As my initial is ‘E’ I thought it would be appropriate to use this example to highlight how fun these necklaces are. You can choose from a multitude of colours including peach, orange and pink for each initial and just like on the ‘E’ you will find 3 diamantés on each design to add a bit of sparkle.

It would also appear that celebs such as Kelly Osbourne have been purchasing their initials from the Anna Lou collection, but lucky for us they do not come with a celeb price tag. If you visit, you can find your initial for just £17.50.

Charlize Theron for Breil Watches

Thursday, October 18th, 2007

Breil WatchIt has been announced that Oscar winning Charlize Theron is to become the face and spokes woman of the luxury watch brand Breil Milano.

Charlize looks as glamorous as ever in the new add campaigns that are to be launched at the beginning of November and will feature in fashion mags, billboards and on TV adverts.

Within these ads she will be wearing time pieces from the Eden and Eros collection, the one featured in this picture is from the Eros range. It may be quite boyish to look at, but I think it adds to the appeal and with a reasonable price tag it really hits the spot!

With all the add campaigns to be hitting us before x-mas, make sure this time piece is top of your pressie list!

Apple Name Necklaces

Wednesday, October 10th, 2007

Apple NecklacesPersonalised jewellery is fab in my opinion, it makes the item that little bit extra special and unique to you. Not only do I love the personal touch, but it appears that the fashion world has homed in on the trend potential.

Any of you Sex And The City fans will remember main character Carries personalised necklace and with the film about to begin I can feel a great Bradshaw wardrobe about to occur with this similar style necklace.

Its just £10 at Heidi Seeker where you can find 3 different name layouts depending on the length of your name. Choose from either a neon pink and green or a more glitzy sparkle green and pink finish. The whole necklace is very kitsch but I just love it and its so cheap, you just can’t resist.

Wishbone Necklaces

Tuesday, September 25th, 2007

Mischa’a Wishbone NecklaceIn every picture I’ve recently seen of Mischa Barton, I’ve fallen head over heels for her unique and classy necklaces.

Her latest find is this delicate wishbone necklace that has been designed and created by Jennifer Meyer and it seems to be a popular choice among all these lovelorn celebs. In reality though girls, if you want to be seen with one of these charms round your neck, you better start wishing hard as they cost a hefty $700 (approx. £350).

Wishbone NecklaceAll is not lost though as I’ve found the perfect substitute at It looks exactly the same on a 20″ gold chain but will cost you just £86.95. Its still quite pricey, but in comparison to the real thing you can’t really grumble.

So how lucky will you be this Christmas? will you get the real thing? – to be honest no one would ever know the difference!!

Are You Taken Or Available?

Tuesday, September 11th, 2007

Taken/Available NecklacesThese Taken/Available Necklaces are great for a) those who don’t want any male attention or b) those who want as much male attention as possible! If you’re the kind of girl who likes playing it cool you probably wont be impressed by the ‘available’ necklace, which let’s face it, screams desperation! Then again it would be fun to wear both necklaces on different nights out and see the different response! If you’re on the look out for a man and want to get straight to the point, this may help you save time!

Paris Hilton seems keen on these necklaces too so get yourself over to ASOS to follow the trend. For only £8 for the two necklaces, these are a bargain! The drop down charms on the bottom right are also in the style of Paris Hilton’s, and the necklaces come in both gold and silver.