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Urban Outfitters Jewellery

Urban Outfitters Elaborate Pearl Lady Cameo NecklaceUrban Outfitters is brilliant for picking up quirky pieces of jewellery that no one else will have. There are a few stores scattered across the country, including their flagship store on Oxford Street, but luckily you can shop online too.

I’m a big fan of antique style jewellery, and Urban Outfitters have got some great pieces. This Pearl Cameo necklace has everything – pearls, a gold chain, and a vintage looking cameo pendant. You’d be hard pressed to realise that it came from a high street store and not your grandmother’s jewellery box!

There are 2 colours to choose from – either a black or peach coloured background on the cameo. Both look great, but the black makes the image stand out more. At £14 this is suprisingly inexpensive for Urban Outfitters, and there are some other bargains to be had in their jewellery range, so have a look.

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