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And now for some Completely Extravagent

Ileana Makri Diamond Drop EarringsUnless you’re a hugely successful business tycoon or married to royalty, you’d have to be living in an alternate universe to consider spending over two thousand pounds on earrings, or any jewelery for that matter.

But it’s still nice to look, and these Ileana Makri White Diamond Drop Earrings are certainly pleasing to the eye, but devastating to the wallet. Retailing at £2,360, they’re the height of extravagance, but definitely the real deal, diamonds and all. The product description calls them ‘everyday’ earrings, but I’d imagine that’s ‘everyday’ wear for princesses, rather than ‘everyday’ at the office.

For such a high price you can guarantee that these earrings are well made, high quality and built to last, probably forever. And diamonds never go out of fashion.

View the earrings and other ridiculously priced jewelery over at Brown’s.

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