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Lunarrastar Jewellery

Lunarrastar Blue Lady Victorian Cameo NecklaceI prefer handcrafted jewellery, rather than items mass produced by a machine. That way you can guarantee no-one else will have the same piece as you, and you’ll sound ultra cutting edge when people ask where you buy your jewellery.

Lunarrastar is a small jewellery company who have a studio space in Edinburgh, and sell their products online. They use natural gemstones, Swarovski crystals and vintage pendants to make necklaces, bracelets and earrings. They have great attention to detail and, even better, their jewellery doesn’t cost the earth!

Being a vintage fan, I think this Blue Victorian style Cameo necklace is one of my favourites. The blue colour is spot on and contrasts well with the white, and the Swarovski crystals and silver heart charm add detail and make it look even more unique. It’s available in three different lengths for the perfect fit, and costs just £15.99.

It’s available only on Lunarrastar’s website, and whilst you’re there have a look at their other lovely items.

One Response to “Lunarrastar Jewellery”

  1. katherine Says:

    This takes me back to my teens when my favourite piece of jewellery was a cameo gold ring. The cameo fell out one day and was lost forever. I was devastated but continued to wear it in the hope I would spot a cameo on the floor somewhere and pop it back in, I never did though.

    I’ll be checking that website out :)