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Disaya 'Call Me' Bangle

‘Call Me’ BangleIn today’s way of living, communication is key and with technology ever expanding we all seem to appear to be actually talking to each other less. It’s all about texting and emailing and now it would appear we may have to communicate through jewellery.

Disaya have brought this fun but effective ‘call me’ bangle to the face of fashion. What better way to say what you mean without actually having to open your mouth, it’s a real fashion statement and I love it!! It would look great with a simple tee and jeans to help create a perfect spring casual look.

The bangle is featured on and is solid enamel with a gold finish and embossed crystals – very classy!! It’s not cheap at £90.00 but could prove to be priceless if it helps you catch the man of your dreams.

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