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Malaya Jewellery

where-art-thou1.jpgMalaya is a fab site to get your hands on vintage style jewellery. They have the most amazing selection of one off pieces that will attract all the right attention including gorgeous lockets and classic time pieces.

Be warned once an item is sold there are no other pieces the same, although you can contact the site owner to request similar creations. It is a bit of a tease as you can see each piece but most are already sold, so get viewing before all pieces are gone!!

One piece that remains that I have my eye on is this gorgeous Where art thou bracelet. It’s a true vintage charm bracelet and is being sold for just £30. Unfortunately the site doesn’t really give you any details about each piece, just the name and price so it could be quite risky spending a lot as you don’t really know what quality you are buying. It appears that the site owner is quite contactable so I guess if you do have any queries you could just ask before you buy.

2 Responses to “Malaya Jewellery”

  1. Ben Says:

    I tried to order a bespoke necklace from this site and it took me three attempts to even get a reply. However I did stumble across another site which sells gorgeous vintage gems.

  2. Funny Says:

    what a set up the above comment is 😉 ilovecutiepie looks like a cheap rip off of Malaya to me. Don’t be fooled peepz!