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Flower Power is Back

Sunday, February 24th, 2008

If you walk around any shopping centre you will see floral designs plastered all over the manikins and dressing room hangers. I can’t quite believe it but is seems flower power has returned. It doesn’t stop at clothing either, many stores have stocked up on flower inspired jewellery too. These three pieces from Topshop will give you a good idea what to expect when you next venture out on a shopping trip.

Floral Jewellery from Topshop

The first (left) is a Vintage Look Flower Necklace costing £10, superb to accompany a plain black dress or simple outfit. The second is an Embossed Flower Bangle (£8), beautifully designed and perfect to wear as a single piece to show off the unique detail.

Last but not least and my personal favourite is a Stone Set Flower Ring (also £8), perfect to add a bit of bling to your finger! Get into your floral prints this spring, they’re going to be huge.

Disaya 'Call Me' Bangle

Wednesday, February 13th, 2008

‘Call Me’ BangleIn today’s way of living, communication is key and with technology ever expanding we all seem to appear to be actually talking to each other less. It’s all about texting and emailing and now it would appear we may have to communicate through jewellery.

Disaya have brought this fun but effective ‘call me’ bangle to the face of fashion. What better way to say what you mean without actually having to open your mouth, it’s a real fashion statement and I love it!! It would look great with a simple tee and jeans to help create a perfect spring casual look.

The bangle is featured on and is solid enamel with a gold finish and embossed crystals – very classy!! It’s not cheap at £90.00 but could prove to be priceless if it helps you catch the man of your dreams.

Junk Jewels

Wednesday, February 13th, 2008

lovebracelet.JPGThere’s is nothing trashy about this up and coming jewellery brand I can tell you, so don’t be fooled by the name. They may be cheap and cheerful but they have some fab jewellery pieces available that will jazz up any outfit.

While we are all feeling loved up with Valentines Day looming, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to show you all this lovely little bracelet. It has the cutest rose and love charm that feature on a skinny gold plated chain. Depending on your wrist size you can order a wider fitting if needs be. The best though is definitely the price. It’s just £6 – bargain! In fact all items on offer are around this price.

So if you are feeling in the mood to do some serious bargain shopping then make your first stop.

Vivienne Westwood Heart Pendant Necklace

Monday, February 11th, 2008

Heart PendantThis stunning Vivienne Westwood Red Label Heart pendant necklace would make the perfect luxurious gift to receive this Valentines Day.

There’s no better way to wear a hint of Westwood and definitely no better day than Valentines with the heart theme filling the air with romance wherever you look!!

This is a silver circle link necklace with a beautiful embossed heart shaped pendant. It also features a very glitzy Swarovski crystal embellished clover at top of pendant – how very bling!! I would get dropping those hints if I were you girls to be in with a chance of receiving such a gift. It’s not cheap at £90. Take a closer look yourself at

Malaya Jewellery

Wednesday, February 6th, 2008

where-art-thou1.jpgMalaya is a fab site to get your hands on vintage style jewellery. They have the most amazing selection of one off pieces that will attract all the right attention including gorgeous lockets and classic time pieces.

Be warned once an item is sold there are no other pieces the same, although you can contact the site owner to request similar creations. It is a bit of a tease as you can see each piece but most are already sold, so get viewing before all pieces are gone!!

One piece that remains that I have my eye on is this gorgeous Where art thou bracelet. It’s a true vintage charm bracelet and is being sold for just £30. Unfortunately the site doesn’t really give you any details about each piece, just the name and price so it could be quite risky spending a lot as you don’t really know what quality you are buying. It appears that the site owner is quite contactable so I guess if you do have any queries you could just ask before you buy.