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Anna Lou Initial Necklace

Initial NecklaceJust in case a friend, loved one or even you happen to forget your initial, you can always rely on a necklace to help you out! Initial jewellery always seems to be quite popular among designers, although I think its quite hard to find an original piece.

However, Anna Lou of London seems to have a retro and contemporary feel to their initial collection and it works really well at a surprisingly reasonable cost!

As my initial is ‘E’ I thought it would be appropriate to use this example to highlight how fun these necklaces are. You can choose from a multitude of colours including peach, orange and pink for each initial and just like on the ‘E’ you will find 3 diamant√©s on each design to add a bit of sparkle.

It would also appear that celebs such as Kelly Osbourne have been purchasing their initials from the Anna Lou collection, but lucky for us they do not come with a celeb price tag. If you visit, you can find your initial for just £17.50.

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