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Active Crystals!

Heart Pendant USB KeyWho’d of thought it? Philips and Swarovski have collaborated to produce a new line of jewellery with a function called ‘Active Crystals’! This collection is so amazing and provides the perfect gift ideas for Christmas so take note!

Firstly this necklace isn’t just any old necklace; it can be split in two to reveal a 1GB USB key! Wow! How handy is that? This beautiful part silver part crystal heart pendant can hold 250 songs or 1,000 photos!

If the heart pendant isn’t really your thing perhaps you’d prefer this padlock style USB key, great for keeping on your key ring! They are both £105, decisions,decisions!

Padlock USB KeyAlso check these crystal earphones out, they’re just fab! Philips and Swarovski have produced 4 different earphones each with crystal embellishments ranging from £50 to £95! Perfect for jazzing up your ipod! This collection can be bought online from Swarovski.

Crstal Earphones

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