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Statement Necklaces

Mirrored Bib NecklaceBig, Bold and colourful necklaces that really make a statement to even the most simple outfit are very much in this season and going by the pieces I’ve found, big does not have to mean expensive.

If you went looking, I think you would find most high street stores would be big on the statement necklaces and would have many a design for you to choose from. I stuck to one of my favourite high street stores – Topshop, where their freedom collection always manages to come up trumps no matter what you’re after.

Cut Out Shapes NecklaceThis Mirrored Bib necklace is quite expensive for Topshop at £25, but I think most people would agree, its still very reasonable for the size of the piece. The delicate but bold mirrored beads sit on a black strap and would definitely add statement to any outfit, its a hugely striking and eye catching necklace, but with a touch of elegance – I love it!

If your looking for a statement necklace that’s for the more casual look then this Cut Out Shapes necklace does just the job and for a very reasonable £10. The burgundy plastic shapes form into a pointed drop to add shape and style to the necklace. This piece would set off any neckline but I think it would look great with a simple vest top to make the necklace the main focal point.

So sit back and let the necklaces talk girls – the bigger the better!!

2 Responses to “Statement Necklaces”

  1. Emma P, London Says:

    My favourite shop when it comes to statement jewellery has to be They have some really fabulous chunky necklaces inspired by various cultures from around the world. I particularly like the Chinese-style Qin necklace, a huge black stone pendant with carvings, mounted on black twisted cord with a tassle hanging from the bottom. Here’s the link if you want to check it out.

  2. Aly Says:

    I am in love with the statements necklaces this season!! they look gorgeous! :-)