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Seksy Curve

Wednesday, October 31st, 2007

Seksy Curve WatchThis fab Seksy Curve watch brought to us from wrist wear designers Sekonda is a true beauty!!

Its got everything you would want and look for in a watch, its an original curvy design, its elegant, classy and even has the sparkle from Swarovski crystals to make it shine. Its also pretty reasonably priced for a watch at just £59.99, which I think you would all have to agree is a good price considering its brand and featured crystals.

The face of the watch is made of black mother of pearl and the chrome bracelet part of the watch is adjustable so the perfect fit can be found!! To view this particular watch and the whole Seksy range you can click away at, however to get your hands on the products you have to buy in store. The website will indicate the closest store to you so do not fear help is at hand!!

Anna Lou Initial Necklace

Wednesday, October 31st, 2007

Initial NecklaceJust in case a friend, loved one or even you happen to forget your initial, you can always rely on a necklace to help you out! Initial jewellery always seems to be quite popular among designers, although I think its quite hard to find an original piece.

However, Anna Lou of London seems to have a retro and contemporary feel to their initial collection and it works really well at a surprisingly reasonable cost!

As my initial is ‘E’ I thought it would be appropriate to use this example to highlight how fun these necklaces are. You can choose from a multitude of colours including peach, orange and pink for each initial and just like on the ‘E’ you will find 3 diamantés on each design to add a bit of sparkle.

It would also appear that celebs such as Kelly Osbourne have been purchasing their initials from the Anna Lou collection, but lucky for us they do not come with a celeb price tag. If you visit, you can find your initial for just £17.50.

Stripy Hearts

Monday, October 29th, 2007

Stripy Heart EarringsThis pair of earrings and this brooch make the cutest little combo and would make a really great gift idea for a girly friend who digs the retro look.

I wouldn’t initially think that the perfect combo would be a set of earrings and a brooch but I can see these these two pieces really working well together and with the right outfit will look fab. This dramatic and chunky heart shaped design is bold and has vibrant coloured strips that really seal the deal.

Stripy Heart BroochIf you get clicking at you will find these little delights in array of colours from pink and turquoise to a simple black and white, but for me my favourite colour combination had to be the lilac and purple.

If you don’t fancy having matching accessories or want one without the other then both these items can be purchased individually. The earrings are £12.99 and the brooch is just £10.99.

Polkadot Jewellery

Monday, October 29th, 2007

1950’s Christion Dior necklaceIn my opinion is by far the best virtual boutique for vintage, retro and contemporary costume jewellery. You can find everything from one off pieces including necklaces and bangles to a huge selection of accessories including jewellery rolls and umbrellas!!

Polkadot provides jewellery and accessories from the up and coming trends and follows them up to fit in today’s fashion. They have a truly unique collection that combines both old and new to create exceptional quality and taste to suit all.

You can be sure to find jewellery ranges from either unique designers who use vintage materials in their items or jewellery from more popular designers such as Dior and Chanel. The best thing about this site is that they are continually changing and adding new collections each month so there’s always something new to check out!

For me its the huge range of worldwide known designer jewellery that grabs my attention. For example this month an original 1950’s Christion Dior necklace could be all yours. This is where you find true vintage at its best. It has a designer price tag at £290, but the originality and look that it will create is pretty much priceless.

Black and Green Dotted cuffIf you’re not into the well known designer brands or like me have a smaller budget then you will not feel left out. This month has seen the launch of the Tie Cuffs. This Black and Green Dotted cuff is a funky new creation by Tamsin Howells. Its made from an actual vintage tie and then laminated to create the cuff look. It will look fab with this seasons colours and has a much more reasonable price tag of £30.

Pendant Obsession!

Saturday, October 27th, 2007

Alex and Chloe

I stumbled across this new jewellery line called Alex and Chloe and thought it was a really interesting and unique!

If you have a pendant obsession you will love their collections as they specialise in necklaces with unusual pendants, such as blackened ring pulls off of cans, anchors, bows and skulls; not your usual pretty pendants but they’re really cool!

The materials they use for their pendants are either black, silver or gold mirrored acrylic or oxidised sterling silver, they often come on a sterling silver chain. All of the item prices are in dollars, and can be bought online for a small shipping fee!

Check out their site, there are hundreds of different pendants to choose from for men and women, my favourite is the antler collection!

Active Crystals!

Saturday, October 27th, 2007

Heart Pendant USB KeyWho’d of thought it? Philips and Swarovski have collaborated to produce a new line of jewellery with a function called ‘Active Crystals’! This collection is so amazing and provides the perfect gift ideas for Christmas so take note!

Firstly this necklace isn’t just any old necklace; it can be split in two to reveal a 1GB USB key! Wow! How handy is that? This beautiful part silver part crystal heart pendant can hold 250 songs or 1,000 photos!

If the heart pendant isn’t really your thing perhaps you’d prefer this padlock style USB key, great for keeping on your key ring! They are both £105, decisions,decisions!

Padlock USB KeyAlso check these crystal earphones out, they’re just fab! Philips and Swarovski have produced 4 different earphones each with crystal embellishments ranging from £50 to £95! Perfect for jazzing up your ipod! This collection can be bought online from Swarovski.

Crstal Earphones

Kew Necklaces

Wednesday, October 24th, 2007

Triple Loop necklaceNot only did I not know that Kew was the little sister brand of top high street name Jigsaw, I also didn’t know what great and affordable jewellery they have to offer.

I have heard of Kew in the past, but always associated their products to be quite dull and aimed at the older lady, but after checking out their goods on line I’m very much mistaken!

Disc NecklaceFor instance this trendy Triple Loop necklace attracted my attention straight away. Its so original looking and a real statement piece that would look fab with a plain t-shirt. Its a very fashionable green made up of a triple layer of flat beads and can be bought on line or in store for just £18.

This Disc Necklace is also just as stylish but is a little more subtle than that of the Triple Loop. Its gold in colour and is a fine long chain that has delicate discs attached to create a very elegant look! This can also be found on line or in store and can be all yours for just £19.95.

Kennth Jay Lane Pavé Crystal Ring

Wednesday, October 24th, 2007

Kennth Jay Lane Pavé Crystal RingThis has to be the biggest, blingiest rings I think I’ve ever seen. Its just huge and each area of the ring is covered in Diamantés with a large rock in the middle for the extra wow factor.

It has been designed and created by Kenneth Jay Lane as a gold-tone crystal embellished cocktail ring – definitely not one for everyday use! It has an adjustable band inside and has a circumference of approx 4cm so should be suitable for all.

I know they say that diamonds are a girls best friend, but I’m thinking this lush diamanté delight comes a very close second indeed. Find this beauty at for a pricey £105, but hey you’re paying for the name and for a ring this glitzy, it doesn’t come cheap!

Swarovski Fashion Rocks!

Sunday, October 21st, 2007

Purple Rock ChokerSwarovski Fashion Rocks’ for the Princess Trust took place on the 18th October at the Royal Albert hall. With Uma Thurman and Samuel L Jackson presenting and the likes of Alicia Keys performing it was a glamorous evening and a real star studded event!

Now it is time to snap up all those beautiful rocks that are available online! Hoorah! The exclusively created collection, without surprise is simply stunning and is only available until December 31st, so just enough time to add it to your Christmas list!

My favourite piece from the collection has to be this beautiful ‘Purple Rock’ choker by Christopher Kane. I am in love with this choker, made out of light Amethyst and Amethyst crystal mesh it is every girls dream and for £620, it could be yours!

Statement Necklaces

Thursday, October 18th, 2007

Mirrored Bib NecklaceBig, Bold and colourful necklaces that really make a statement to even the most simple outfit are very much in this season and going by the pieces I’ve found, big does not have to mean expensive.

If you went looking, I think you would find most high street stores would be big on the statement necklaces and would have many a design for you to choose from. I stuck to one of my favourite high street stores – Topshop, where their freedom collection always manages to come up trumps no matter what you’re after.

Cut Out Shapes NecklaceThis Mirrored Bib necklace is quite expensive for Topshop at £25, but I think most people would agree, its still very reasonable for the size of the piece. The delicate but bold mirrored beads sit on a black strap and would definitely add statement to any outfit, its a hugely striking and eye catching necklace, but with a touch of elegance – I love it!

If your looking for a statement necklace that’s for the more casual look then this Cut Out Shapes necklace does just the job and for a very reasonable £10. The burgundy plastic shapes form into a pointed drop to add shape and style to the necklace. This piece would set off any neckline but I think it would look great with a simple vest top to make the necklace the main focal point.

So sit back and let the necklaces talk girls – the bigger the better!!