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Wishbone Necklaces

Mischa’a Wishbone NecklaceIn every picture I’ve recently seen of Mischa Barton, I’ve fallen head over heels for her unique and classy necklaces.

Her latest find is this delicate wishbone necklace that has been designed and created by Jennifer Meyer and it seems to be a popular choice among all these lovelorn celebs. In reality though girls, if you want to be seen with one of these charms round your neck, you better start wishing hard as they cost a hefty $700 (approx. £350).

Wishbone NecklaceAll is not lost though as I’ve found the perfect substitute at It looks exactly the same on a 20″ gold chain but will cost you just £86.95. Its still quite pricey, but in comparison to the real thing you can’t really grumble.

So how lucky will you be this Christmas? will you get the real thing? – to be honest no one would ever know the difference!!

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