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Are You Taken Or Available?

Taken/Available NecklacesThese Taken/Available Necklaces are great for a) those who don’t want any male attention or b) those who want as much male attention as possible! If you’re the kind of girl who likes playing it cool you probably wont be impressed by the ‘available’ necklace, which let’s face it, screams desperation! Then again it would be fun to wear both necklaces on different nights out and see the different response! If you’re on the look out for a man and want to get straight to the point, this may help you save time!

Paris Hilton seems keen on these necklaces too so get yourself over to ASOS to follow the trend. For only £8 for the two necklaces, these are a bargain! The drop down charms on the bottom right are also in the style of Paris Hilton’s, and the necklaces come in both gold and silver.

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