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LoveLinksI am actually in love with Lovelinks! Lovelinks is a new jewellery range that everyone is going crazy for and I can see why; it’s gorgeous!

I’ve always loved charm bracelets as they give you the opportunity to design your own piece of jewellery making it more personal and unique. If you too have a passion for jewellery and are fed up of seeing the same bracelet on hundreds of other girls then this new jewellery range is perfect for you, all you have to do is buy a bracelet or a necklace to start adding your own links to! You have the choice of a leather or solid silver strap and prices start from £9.95; bargain!

I must warn you that there are sooo many links to choose from so if looking to purchase your own lovelinks make sure you have plenty of time! All of the links are handmade in Denmark and they are all sterling silver. However some are decorated with 14ct gold and others are covered in beautiful coloured glass. The best news of all is that they are really reasonable; links range from £5 to £52.50 so there is something for everyone. I personally am spoilt for choice!

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  1. Lovelinks Says:

    I’m loving lovelinks too! I much prefer them to the usual charm bracelet because they just slide onto the chain like beads (but prettier) and there’s less risk of them catching on your clothing.

    I sent a bracelet to my niece and started her off with a few links that mean something personal to her including a green glass link (her favourite colour), a sterling silver J (her initial) and a sterling silver rabbit (her favourite pet died last year). There are many years ahead and many opportunities to give a new link as a gift. I’m making my way through these: petite silver lovelinks

    Katherine x