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Revlon Eye Lash Jewels

Revlon Lash JewelsWhen we think of jewellery we tend to mention necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings but we forget about the more delicate areas that can be glamoured up with jewels too. I have just been on the Revlon website and found this fantastic eye lash jewel formula, it is a liquid that crystallizes into delicate droplets on the tips of the eye lash creating a stunning jewelled effect.

You can buy the product in four different tones so there’s no reason why your lashes shouldn’t look as dazzling as you!

One Response to “Revlon Eye Lash Jewels”

  1. hannah Says:

    these have gotten very bad reviews but i have tried them and as long as you pull the applicator away from your lashes as fast as you can they will look fine