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Diamond Braille Dotted Ring

Braille RingI saw this ‘Touch Ring’ earlier today and thought what a lovely gift for a blind friend or family member. Each ring is specially designed so that the recipient can read the message easily by touching the lettering.

You can customise the gift with your own personal message spelt out in Diamond Braille dots. Your message could read I Love You or I Miss You or you could keep it simple by just writing their name or Mum/Dad. The only people that would know what it said would be those who can read Braille.

The ring can be made from sterling silver, gold, white gold or platinum. You can also choose the material of the lettering so it is completely original. Prices are not available on the website because every ring made is likely to be a one off but you can get a quote via email.

Visit the Stephen Einhorn website for further details about this truly unique product.

3 Responses to “Diamond Braille Dotted Ring”

  1. david '' Says:

    What a great concept for blind people.

  2. Veronica Says:

    aw. I wonder how these are selling?

  3. Rick Says:

    Cool article – even two years later!

    Keep in mind that palladium is out there as well. Palladium is a better choice over white gold if you are looking for a naturally white metal, and platinum is not an option.