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Elizabeth Swann Necklace

Elizabeth Swann NecklaceI’ve been inspired by the Pirates of the Caribbean recently – although I haven’t actually seen the film, well I saw the first but not the latest one – But I’ve seen the trailers and the posters and they’ve reminded me how much I like the pirate look. The best way to do this look tastefully is not go to your local fancy dress shop and hire out the full maiden in distress outfit but to select a few pieces of good quality pirate inspired jewellery and accessories.

If you happen to be crazy about the Pirates of the Caribbean films you might like this exact replica of Elizabeth Swann’s necklace in Dead Man’s Chest. It’s 24 carat plated so it doesn’t look like a cheap children’s toy – always good – and polished with and antique finish to get that authentic treasure trove look. It comes in official Disney packaging and the best thing is it only costs £14.99. You’ll be the envy of all the 14 year old girls in your neighbourhood! Get it from Legend’s Online.

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