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Millacreli Heart Shaped Rings

Millacreli Pink RingThis is the first time I have come across Millacreli and I think the designs are extremely unique and wonderfully bizarre. This pretty pink sterling silver ring hand made in Murano, Venice caught my eye and although I don’t think I’d wear it myself I can definitely think of a few friends that would appreciate this piece of jewellery.

Millacreli Multi Coloured RingI also spotted this similar multi coloured heart shaped ring that was also hand made from sterling silver in Venice. I think I prefer the pink version but can again imagine people wearing this. Both rings are a mixture of tiny coloured mosaic glass flowers that really make them unique to anything else I’ve seen. They are available at Treasure Box for £22.

2 Responses to “Millacreli Heart Shaped Rings”

  1. David '' Says:

    they are very pretty rings and quite unique. very differant to see a ring with a glass centre stone and not a usual diamond stone. Its great to see new designs which are not the run of the mill. If you want to see run of the mill have a look at this site

  2. Caroline Says:

    These are gorgeous, I love the style of them, I just got some from eBay – there’s a few stores and they’re cheaper than treasurebox. One good store is Neck Kandi – they supply chains with all their pendants (unlike most) and have a good range of stuff. I can’t wait to save up and get some more!