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Lola Rose Jewellery Cube

Lola Rose Jewellery BoxHow cute is this little box?! It’s a leatherette jewellery cube from Lola Rose and it is the perfect place to store all your special jewellery items. Available in this baby blue, pink, red, black or dark blue – there’s a colour to suit person and every mood. At £55 it’s not the cheapest jewellery box around but it would certainly be a good investment to store your most precious jewels. The cubes are 15cm x 14cm x 14cm therefore large enough for bracelets and necklaces as well.

I love Lola Rose jewellery but it was only recently that I discovered their website. Even if you don’t go on to buy anything its really fun just to look around. The navigation is really unique, check it out if you’ve got a spare 5 minutes! Also, I read that they will be supporting the Breast Cancer campaign, donating 20% of online sales from their ‘Pink Products’ range to the charity. This will be available on their website from June onwards.

Visit the Lola Rose website to purchase this item and to find out more information about the Breast Cancer Campaign products.

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