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Seiko Electronic Ink Watch For Her

Seiko Electronic Ink WatchesLast year Seiko won an award for their electronic ink watch due to its remarkable display technology and slim profile. Well now they have launched a similar watch with an emotional concept targeted at women. You are able to change the watch’s display depending on your mood and location. If you are at work you can set the display to ‘efficiency mode’ and the display will be easily read, however you can also set it to ‘mystery mode’ and a more imaginative display will appear.

The ink display is embedded under a 360-degree continuous sapphire crystal and the watch is expected to cost over £2000. It is not yet clear when the product will be available so keep your eyes peeled for any new announcements.

The photograph on the left shows the original Seiko Ink Watch and the one on the right is the newest version. See the Seiko press release for more information.

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